Residential Steel Fabrication

For new homes and renovations, JP Engineering Services can manufacture and install most steel features for your home including, construction steel beams, custom steel house beams, steel portal frames, security doors, and handrails and balustrades for staircases or balcony systems.

Steel Portal Frames

Steel portal frames have a range of uses around a residential property.  Typically, used as part of the building’s construction, they are also used for garages, walkways, residential housing roof bracing, etc.

We have over 20 years of experience and expertise in the fabrication and installation of steel residential portal frames.

Steel portal frames are generally manufactured from RHS, SHS, U-Beam or PFC sections.  Smaller portals can be fully welded assemblies but larger portals are typically bolted together.

While we have a fully equipped workshop where we work on larger heavy-duty projects, most residential steel portals, and light commercial steel portal frames, can be fabricated, installed and welded using our mobile steel fabrication service.

Structural Steel for Residential Projects

As part of our residential steel fabrication and install services, we offer the following services:

  • On site job measuring – so we only have to cut once,
  • Supply of steel – so you know you are getting the best quality steel,
  • Fabrication of structural steelwork – either in our workshop or using our mobile service,
  • Crane delivery and full site installation – so we can be sure everything fits just right.